The who, the what and the how…


Etsy Manchester (EtsyMCR) is a local group of creative individuals who sell on the ecommerce site etsy.com. The group started at the tail end of 2010 gathering together artists, suppliers and vintage sellers who live and work in the Greater Manchester area.

In May of 2014 under new leadership the group expanded its ambitions and decided to start putting on regular meet ups allowing members to integrate themselves into a supportive and encouraging group. We also started holding exciting community based events to integrate art and creativity into people’s everyday life. To check out some of the previous events we’ve held check out the past event’s page. In the future EtsyMCR aims to…


Suport the local Etsy Community by providing advice and learning opportunities
Promote individual members by providing creative and innovative ways for them to showcase their business.


Engage the local community by running fun events which highlight the artistic side of Manchester


To encourage business to business networking through our website, social media and face to face meetups.

Entering into 2015 we are now to be found providing advice and support on the original forum, facebook and twitter. We also run a website which is tailor made to allow individuals to support the ‘shop local’ initiative at a business to business level. Individuals can sign up and list skills and materials they can provide above and beyond what they sell in their Etsy shop. This allows individuals to easily source their supplies and skills locally. For more information about how to get the best out of the website please check out the membership page.

Going forward we hope to continue to grow and expand so that we can support, encourage and have fun with the amazing, vibrant and creative community that is Etsy Manchester.

Team Leadership

The team is ran and managed by a small but dedicated crew of volunteer team leaders;

Ruth Abbott

Ruth is joint Captain of the team. She is infectiously enthusiastic, exceptionally knowledgable and selflessly helpful. She also runs her own awesome shop OMGoshShop, making everything from laser-cut jewellery to wooden wallets and cufflinks. Is there nothing this lady can’t do?

Emma Cottam

Emma is hyper-efficient, a talent that we all envy! As joint Captain she’s usually responsible for corralling the rest of the team and turning a usually wooly concept into something plausible. She’s also a tip-top photographer and has an Etsy presence over at Emmy C Photography

Adam Holcroft

Adam is a social media guru and talented designer of greeting cards and runs the Etsy shop PaperSheriff

Liz Keeling

With a talent for creating stationery and greetings cards, Liz runs her own shop Les Belles Cerises, which she balances with her full-time job. Liz is one of our greatest organizers! We love Liz.

Claire Legg

A lover of Pugs, photographer and darn talented illustrator. Claire runs Fairy Made Paperart where you can find original handcut pieces of paperart, gift cards and much more

Adam Clark

Adam (yes, we have two Adams in the team leadership) is a super passionate landscape and wildlife photographer and, when not running around the middle of nowhere at 3am with a camera, is designing this website, being a full time UX designer, and running his own shop – Adam Clark Photography

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