The who, the what and the how…

Etsy Manchester (EtsyMCR) is a local group of creative individuals who sell on the ecommerce site etsy.com. The group started at the tail end of 2010 gathering together artists, suppliers and vintage sellers who live and work in the Greater Manchester area.

In 2014 under new leadership, the group expanded its ambitions and decided to start putting on regular meet-ups allowing members to be part of a supportive and encouraging group of fellow Manchester-based creatives. We also started holding exciting community-based events to integrate art and creativity into people’s everyday life. To check out some of the previous events we’ve held check out the events page.

EtsyMCR’s aims


Support the local Etsy Community by providing advice and learning opportunities. Promote individual members by providing creative and innovative ways for them to showcase their business.


Engage the local community by running fun events which highlight the artistic, creative side of Manchester.


To encourage business to business networking through our website, social media and in-person meetups.

We are now to be found providing advice and support on our Etsy forumFacebook and Twitter.

We hope to continue to grow and expand so that we can support, encourage and have fun with the amazing, vibrant and creative community that is Etsy Manchester.