Featured Makers: Helen Gazard

Monday Makers #EtsyMCR

Here at Etsy Manchester, we want to celebrate the creativity, passion and individuality of our makers and encourage the public to recognise and support genuine, local makers and their diverse businesses.

In Part 2 of our new series of featured makers, we’re focusing on Helen Gazard from Sparrow Road Handmade.

Sparrow Road Handmade

Helen runs Sparrow Road Handmade from her home in Salford, and makes a range of reusable eco-friendly products. Her interest in reusable products began just after her first son was born. Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of waste generated by one baby, she decided to give cloth nappies a go and fell in love with reusable products. With an existing passion for sewing and a varied fabric stash she decided to set up her shop selling reusable baby wipes, and now sells a range including nursing pads, cutlery pouches, kitchen towels and more! The aim of Sparrow Road is to make it easy and fun to all do our bit to look after our planet.

Check out Helen’s Etsy shop