Featured Maker: Milla Tolonen

Here at Etsy Manchester, we want to celebrate the creativity, passion and individuality of our makers and encourage the public to recognise and support genuine, local makers and their diverse businesses.

Our first featured maker in this series is Milla Tolonen and her business Milla-Time.


In her own words, she describes Milla-Time as, “Milla-Time is a collection of handmade, colourful and quirky home and fashion accessories with a retro twist. Basically all things that I like and I hope that others will too. I’m heavily inspired by vintage, 80s being my favourite era, and my Nordic roots

If you love colourful and fun then check out Milla’s shop www.etsy.com/shop/MillaTimeX

or follow her on Facebook @Milla-time and on Instagram @Milla-Time

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added by Kat Pearson 5th July 2021